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  • Dining Tent Dining Tent Central dining area for the restaurant enclosed by beaded curtain
  • Inviting Bar Inviting Bar Enjoy exotix cocktails and watch some international sports
  • Open Tandoor Kitchen Open Tandoor Kitchen Watch the Tandoori chef prepare your meal
  • Back Dining Room Back Dining Room Cosy corner with Traditional artwork
  • Lounge/Wait Area Lounge/Wait Area Casual and comfortable
  • Dining Tent Dining Tent Curtains drawn back for open effect
  • Tandoori Chef Tandoori Chef Lamb Tikka and Tandoori chicken fresh from the oven

Project Design Punjab Arlington

Project Design Punjab Arlington

Project Outline: Punjab

Restaurant Interior Design renovation with a classic style, focusing on warmth and comfort. The separate dining areas are consistent in materials like booth and banquette fabric and flooring which makes the central, tented dining space stand out as the focal point. The warm color palette throughout the restaurant along with custom, laser-cut lattice anchoring the bar and side waiter stations. Classic artwork that is distinctive in each of the surrounding spaces. Booths are large and comfortable with tufted buttons and dark vinyl cushions. Custom printed light covers in the tent and bar add elegance and style.


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